roboworm-caught-this-nice-bass-644x900Last summer, I was fishing on Lake Manitouwabing with a couple of friends.  We were fishing the shoreline with lures – Rapala Ultra Lights, Matzo Kinchou Minnows and Crankbaits.  We were serious about catching small mouth bass that day.  We cast hundreds of times and  changed our lures over and over.  Nothing. No hits.  It didn’t make any sense, we were using great lures. So, my buddy changed things up to “Roboworms.”  Yup! $2.99 for a package. And can you believe it?! He started nailing the bass on those cheap rubber worms.  Go figure.  Needless to say, it was a Roboworm afternoon and we had a great time!
Brandon S.
Niagara, ON

My boyfriend and I love trolling.  One evening last summer we were trolling along the shores of Georgiancherylf_bowfin_060210a Bay and I felt my line get snagged.  “I’ve caught a log!” I exclaimed.  But then, I started stripping line.  It was a fish! It was a really big fish!!  I fought to get the fish up to the boat and when I did, I was shocked! I had never seen a fish like the one that I had just caught. People on shore watching me told me to “kill it.” They thought that it was a Round Goby – an invasive fish that we definitely do not want in our waters.  But I wasn’t sure. We kept the fish alive for 1/2 hr while we researched what is was (thank you Google).  As it turned out, it was a Bowfin fish (Dogfish), and so we released it.  I have to say, it really was the ugliest fish I’ve ever caught! Cool fight though.
Nikki P.
Georgian Bay, ON

Nikki:Bass picTwo years ago, I was out fishing with my dad on Healey Lake.  We were catching small mouth bass mostly, and I was hoping to have a fish fry that night.  We hadn’t had any hits for quite some time when I felt the familiar tug of my line.  Ah…finally, a bass.  It was pretty small.  I reeled it in and as I brought it up to the boat, a large pike broke the water and snatched my bass off my line.  I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen! Gone. I was disappointed but now I have a good fish story.
Samantha K.
Toronto, ON

FishhookA couple of years ago my husband and I took our three kids on a fishing trip for the weekend. We packed up the kids, the boat and all of our fishing gear and headed out for a weekend of shoreline fish fries! On Saturday morning we woke up  excited and refreshed. It was time to fish.  Several hours into our fishing trip and multiple lure, worm and hook changes later, my husband ended up with a large hook through the soft part of his hand. He tried to get it out – no luck.  After several attempts, I suggested that we go to the emergency department at the local hospital.  My husband thought that a few rum and pepsi’s and “sticking it out on the boat” was a better plan. He did not want to disrupt our trip. He held out until our way home on Sunday night.  We stopped in at the emergency department, he quite proud of himself for being so “manly!” That was until the young doctor from Thunder Bay walked in and took one look at the hook in my husband’s hand and exclaimed, “You call that a hook?  Where I come from we have serious hooks!”  She cut one end of the hook and popped it out in under a minute.  The whole thing struck us as funny and we laughed all the way home.
Karen P.
Barrie, ON

kids-fishingThe best place to fish on our lake is off of our dock.  The little kids LOVE it!  Fishing rods in hand – worms, hot dogs and bacon for bait.  We catch fish. Lots of little fish! Sunfish, rock bass, tiny perch.  The excitement is infectious as the kids literally catch one fish after another.  Too cute and super fun! It’s an awesome way to spend an afternoon at the cottage.
Meredith A.
Oakville, ON

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