Factory Built Homes –  A Good Option in Cottage Country!

We hear this fairly regularly, “We are going to retire in five years and want to buy vacant land to build our retirement home, ” or, “ We have looked for a cottage and just can’t find what we want, so we think we might buy land and build.”  In talking about vacant land with buyers, the conversation inevitably comes around to the option of factory built homes. Today, factory built homes are a very good option for building your dream home or cottage. Historically, they were stigmatized by their humble beginnings as an economical type of rural housing, however over the past 50 years, factory built homes have evolved significantly.

Consider a Factory Built Home or Cottage

Custom Cottage ImageFactory built homes and cottages are designed and manufactured utilizing computer design software and sophisticated construction technology.  A multitude of interior and exterior design options, and an array of available roof lines, including steep slopes, cascading roof lines and intersecting peaks has transformed the look of factory built homes. With many designs to choose from, factory built homes provide options for choosing a completed designed or a custom build.

A Timely Option:

Determining the type of build you want is a very important consideration in cottage country.  Once you have gone through the process of finding a property that will meet your needs and wants for your retirement home or family cottage, determining who will build for you can be daunting.  Builders in cottage country are busy! There is generally a shortage of available skilled labour and good building contractors are often booked several months and sometimes years in advance. Today’s factory built homes and cottages can often be built within months, providing a more timely alternative to traditional custom builds.

Controlled Building Environment:

Built in large indoor fabrication plants, factory built homes are constructed in climate controlled Aerial Plant Imageconditions, eliminating the affect that uncontrollable weather can have on building materials and labour resources. There are no delays due to weather, lower productivity in the winter months, or the use of materials that have sat in the harsh or wet elements.  Given that the construction of each building is completed indoors, there are no unexpected delays due to unpredictable Canadian climate or cost overruns, and factory builds can guarantee price and quality for their materials.

Choosing Quality:

Quality Homes is a premier supplier of building solutions for custom homes and cottages across Ontario and is known for their excellent quality. Quality Homes are built in a huge, climate controlled, state-of-the art, 125,000 sq ft facility in Kenilworth, Ontario, and are then assembled on your building lot.  They build to the highest standards, guaranteed to be delivered on time, on budget and are covered by the longest warranty in the home building industry (Home Buyer’s Ultimate Guarantee – HUG).  Their build process is quality controlled and follows detailed procedures with over 400 quality checks from the beginning to the end of the building process. Furthermore, they have a perfect record with the Tarion Home Warranty Corporation.

Benefits of climate controlled built homes and cottages:

  • No swelling, warping or splitting of lumber so materials stay straight and true
  • No danger of mould developing on the construction materials
  • No theft or waste of building materials that often occurs when constructing homes outdoors
  • Reduced construction time due to consistent availability of tools, materials and craftspeople
  • No construction delays due to inclement weather conditions

Quality Homes believes that a superior level of home or cottage building is achieved by building in a controlled production facility, built to exact standards, utilizing high quality materials and methodologies. This results in a stronger, straighter, more precise structure than would be achieved through a traditional home or cottage built on-site. Quality building materials remain unblemished, warped, twisted or split during the home building process. As a result, each home or cottage is straight and true and has been protected from the damaging elements of the Canadian weather during the construction process.

Experience Matters:

With 25 years of experience, Quality Homes employs skilled designers, craftspeople, and service professionals to build superior homes and cottages.  They work with customers to customize building designs to meet individual needs and lifestyle choices. As part of their Full Service Customer Care Program, Quality Homes guarantees:

  1. the contracted price;
  2. the quality of building materials and workmanship, and,
  3. the completion date of your home or cottage.

The Process:

When you choose to buy a factory built home, you will sit down with a representative and decide on all of the details, inside and outside, for your home or cottage. You will choose a design that is fully customized or there are options for designing your own plan to maximize the efficiency of your lot.  Floor plans, shingle styles, plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, trim styles and every little detail is chosen as part of the ordering process.  Quality Homes representatives will walk you through every detail so that nothing is missed, and will even assist you with many aspects of the pre-construction phase (i.e. site plans, covenants, deed restrictions, or easements that may impact on your build). It is a real benefit to have everything under one roof, eliminating the need to work with various contractors, sub-contractors, and designers.

Once you have finalized your plans, obtained your site plans and building permits, and arranged for your services (i.e. hydro & septic) to your lot, your building will be constructed and prepared for shipment (Quality Homes offers assistance with each of these steps).  A full foundation will be installed and prepared for your home or cottage and your building will be shipped to your site, completely finished.  The building will be installed, complete with the interior finished as ordered and agreed upon. When your services have been hooked up, your home or cottage will be ready to enjoy.

Choosing Quality Homes:

Quality building materials, stringent quality control, meticulous craftsmanship, guaranteed pricing and delivery dates, lean and efficient construction processes, a 10 year warranty, and exceptional service are some of the hallmarks of Quality Homes’ philosophy of business.  They pride themselves in providing an excellent product, while making it “easy” for the consumer to work through the process with the assistance of their full-service customer care.

As the conversations continue in the homes of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers about their five year plans, their cottage dreams, or their retirement choices, perhaps buying a great piece of property in the Parry Sound- Muskoka area and building a Quality Homes factory built home could be a viable and exciting option to explore.  Why not start the conversation?

image001    Quality Homes, Hwy 6, South of Mt Forest, Kenilworth, ON

Need Help Finding an Ideal Building Lot?

IMG_3859Gary is a knowledgeable Realtor who is familiar with vacant land for sale, the nuances of waterfront properties, easements, shore road allowances, by-law restrictions, site planning and development.  He works with his clients to ensure that the building lot that they choose will not only be the ideal location for their cottage or home, but will also be free and clear of challenges that may impact on a future build.  He also has a great “eye” for architecture, a solid understanding and knowledge of structural integrity, and has the ability to envision how different home and cottage designs would be aesthetically pleasing (or not) on different properties.  Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit and project management skills are definitely helpful when considering different building lots for your future plans. He loves to engage his clients about different possibilities and options. So, if this an approach that you may consider for your future building plans, give Gary a call.

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