Thought-provoking questions to help you reflect — and make resolutions for the months ahead.  

It seems like every year, the summer months fly by. They’re filled with family visits, socializing with friends, juggling kids’ summer job schedules and activities, completing summer projects and, of course, trying to carve out downtime to just relax. It really is about making every moment count during our precious summer season.  

That’s why when fall approaches, I think it’s a good time to pause and think about the summer whirlwind. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge what worked and didn’t work for you. It almost feels like a second unofficial New Year, where it’s time to both reflect on the season that just passed and make resolutions for the upcoming (school) year.  

Here are some areas that you may wish to think through in preparation for next season:  

  1. What was my favourite part of this summer? What gave me the most joy? What caused me the most grief? 
  1. Did we spend the too much, too little or the right amount of time with family and friends?  
  1. Did I have a list of projects that I wanted to complete? How did that go?  

4. How did I manage myself on social media? Did I share well or did I overshare? Was I MIA and was this okay?  

5. How well did I balance my work and personal life? Was I able to enjoy activities and time at  

     the cottage as fully as I would have liked to? Why or why not? 

6. Am I content with how I socialized this summer? Was I able to maintain my healthy eating habits or not? Did junk food creep into my diet? Did I eat too much? Drink too much?  

7. How well did I manage my “me” time? Did I get any alone time? Time to nap, sleep-in or read a book on the dock?  

8. How did I contribute to my cottage community? Did I join my local cottage association? Help out a neighbour? Join the West Parry Sound Health Network Northern Angel Council? Lend a hand at the local regatta? 

9.  When I reflect on my summer, how do I feel? Joyful? Content? Relaxed? Stressed-out? Overwhelmed? Was the summer a blur or was it a beautiful season?  

10.  What do I want to do the same, improve upon or change for next year?  

Life has a remarkable way of flying by. Taking time to reflect from season-to-season is a great way to ground yourself in what really matters going forward!  

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