I envision the adventure cottage as a place that I can go to explore not only the natural beauty of the area, but all sides of my adventurous spirit. I want to have many different experiences on the water, exploring on my PWC, paddle board or in my boat. I want to use my cottage as a base from which to go and explore the endless miles of my lake or the innumerable islands or extreme wildness of Georgian Bay. Perhaps I drive to the front door of my cottage like most, or maybe not. I also like the idea of accessing my cottage by boat, travelling across the water like generations before me to reach the quiet oasis of my adventure cottage. I know that I have an adventurous spirit and the idea of being out in the islands or inaccessible by road is exciting to me. I understand that I am part of a unique community of water access/island cottagers that enjoy a cottage lifestyle that very few people on the planet have the opportunity to experience.

My cottage is reflective of my financial means and therefore, it may be modest or quite grand. The key to my adventure cottage is that it affords me options to engage in motorized water sports, power boating, sailing, cliff jumping, scuba diving, challenging hiking trails, sport fishing and/or a myriad of other adventurous activities. The cottage is a place that I come to enjoy the activities that I love to the fullest.

The adventure cottage lifestyle has traditionally been associated with these:
abundance, simplicity, wild at heart, island living, adventurous, water toys, power boats, sailing, water sports, athleticism, living to the fullest, unique culture

Parry Sound & Area Amenities

The Parry Sound Business directory provides information about the many resources and amenities available in the Parry Sound area. Other great resources are the Town of Parry Sound website: https://www.parrysound.ca/en/index.asp and the Archipelago Township website: http://www.thearchipelago.on.ca

Hiking & Trail System

The Parry Sound district is known for its endless hiking trails.  There are several provincial parks and conservation reserves in the Parry Sound area, where one can connect with the natural beauty and wildlife that is unique to this area.

Multi-Use Trail Network

If you love the adventure of jumping on your mountain bike, horse, dirt bike, ATV, UTV, snow machine or dog sled in the winter, the 230-kilometre Park-to-Park Trail is the ideal for such adventures. This network of trails connects Killbear Provincial park with Algonquin Provincial park in two locations, to the south at Dwight and north east of Kearney.

Municipal Airport

Parry Sound also enjoys a municipal airport for business or pleasure.  The airport offers a number of facilities for personal and business use, including offering flight lessons for the adventurous cottager!

Summer Camps

For the kids, there are many summer camps in the area to consider.  This is a place where your kids can learn to enjoy the adventurous side of the cottage lifestyle, while learning valuable life skills and making friendships that can last a lifetime.

The Parry Sound district offers many cottage lifestyle options for the adventurous.  The town of Parry Sound is located on the shores of Georgian Bay, and has a rich history, an inviting culture and sports and recreational facilities to meet every cottager’s wants and needs.  Whether you are cottaging on one of the many beautiful fresh water lakes in the Parry Sound district or on the shores or in the islands of Georgian Bay, Parry Sound offers an ideal balance of quality amenities alongside adventurous cottage lifestyle options.

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