Georgian Bay was named “La Mer Douce,” (The Calm Sea) by Samuel de Champlain in 1615-1616 and was officially named Georgian Bay after King George V by Lieutenant Henry Wolsey Bayfield of the Royal Navy in 1822. The history of the Bay is significant and enchanting, and the people who choose to enjoy a cottage lifestyle here share a common desire to continue to be a part of this rich heritage.

For some, the untamed nature of Georgian Bay creates some concerns, for others, it is exactly what they are looking for!  Either way, it is important to work with a Realtor who is able to unpack the various nuances of cottage real estate on Georgian Bay, understanding current market conditions, regional differences, and the sub-markets that exist on the Bay.  Possessing a knowledge about the various neighbourhoods and the history of each is important and contributes significantly to fully understanding the market when buying or selling cottage real estate.  Some examples of this include:
Knowing what is unique and relevant about specific communities;
What are the property attributes best suited for future resale and market appreciation;
Is the shore road allowance included with the property;
Is there a right of way on the property;
Is the road a municipally maintained road or is it maintained by an association of property owners;
How far away are local marinas and amenities;
What does it mean when a property is zoned Environmentally Protected or Natural Space

Furthermore, one must consider the construction of the building(s) on the property, and be knowledgeable of local building codes and by-laws. A strong knowledge of these aspects of cottage country real estate is required as many buildings on the Bay were constructed prior to current by-law requirements and yet, hold significant historical and sentimental value to the community.  Understanding the many nuances of this unique market is imperative when working as a Realtor on Georgian Bay!

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