The town of Parry Sound is located on the shores of Georgian Bay in the heart of the 30,000 Islands and is surrounded by many communities and hundreds of inland lakes. When considering the inland lakes it is important that you find the right fit for your wants and needs in  a cottage lifestyle.  The inland lakes can offer a variety of features that may or may not suit your needs.  For example, it is important to consider what type of boating you would like to enjoy; paddling, power boat or sailing.  When thinking about your cottage lifestyle, you should also consider how important swimming is to you and those you will be sharing your cottage experience with.  For some, swimming is a huge part of the cottage experience, for others this is not as important a consideration. These factors impact significantly on the type of waterfront you will want to invest in when buying a cottage property. And, are you wanting to enjoy your property during the four seasons, taking advantage of all that the winter months have to offer in the area.

Cottage owners on the inland lakes enjoy community in various ways and like all communities, each is unique in its own way.  This is an important aspect of one’s cottage experience and should be discussed thoroughly with a knowledgeable Realtor to ensure that you are pursuing the type of cottage lifestyle that is most suited to your wants and needs.   Local cottage associations provide invaluable information about different cottage communities; newsletters, AGM minutes, association websites. Information about the environment, local business and community initiatives, water quality, history of the area, safety issues, and development controls are a few of the considerations to be cognizant about when seeking to buy on the inland lakes.

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