Owning a private island on Georgian Bay is a dream for many and can be a reality for those who have the affluence and the adventurous spirit to pursue such a dream.  Private islands are as unique as those who choose this type of cottage lifestyle.  Peace and serenity can be enjoyed in ways which are exclusive to owning your own piece of paradise on Georgian Bay.  Private island properties provide a setting where ultimate privacy can be achieved, and the perfect get-away can be enjoyed.  The tranquility of owning your own private island sanctuary is the ultimate experience for those who want to connect with nature, and cherish the adventure, privacy and privileges of island living.  Ideal for those with float planes!

Inner Islands: Owning a private island in the inner islands of Georgian Bay is the perfect combination for many buyers.  Private island ownership is very appealing for many individuals    who cherish their privacy and are seeking a retreat that is tranquil and serene.  However, for many individuals, they have other desires for cottage ownership which include protection from the intense Georgian Bay winds, calmer waters, shorter boat rides from local marinas, and in some cases warmer water.   Buying an island in the inner islands can be the right choice for some buyers.

Outer Islands: The outer islands of Georgian Bay are can be the perfect fit for those who want ultimate privacy and complete tranquility.  The outer islands enjoy the gorgeous vistas that Georgian Bay is so famous for, the incredible views of the “big water” and the spectacular experience of the Georgian Bay weather cycles.  These island properties typically require a longer boat ride from local marinas and are sometimes accessed by private float planes.  These picturesque properties are exclusive and prestigious and are often a place of great joy and adventure for families for generations.

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