Purchasing a water access cottage on Georgian Bay is appealing to many cottage buyers as it can be an affordable option that is unique, novel and adventurous. A number of cottages are located on mainland and islands on Georgian Bay and are accessible only by  water.  These wonderful properties possess different qualities and cottage lifestyle experiences and are accessed by boat from local marinas.  Boat rides can be as little as a few minutes and as much as 45 minutes (approximately) from the marina to the cottage.  Many people find this portion of the travel time to the cottage the most enjoyable.  Although there is definitely more work required to transport people, items and supplies to and from water access cottages, the beautiful boat ride and the perception of freedom that you feel when you reach the dock is incredible! Generations of people have enjoyed water access cottage properties and continue to do so as they offer a cottage lifestyle that is truly unique.

Georgian Bay is known for its extraordinary beauty.  It is home to the world renowned 30,000 islands, forming the world’s largest fresh water Archipelago.  The historic Thirty Thousand Islands are primarily located along the eastern shore of the bay are are primarily located in the township of Carling and the North and South Archipelago.  The rugged landscape of this incredible body of water is characterized by windswept Eastern White Pines and endless pink granite rock foundations.  Gorgeous beaches and  granite rock promontories can be found along the shoreline and the crystal blue water is spectacular.  For generations, Georgian Bay has been sought after by cottagers as it offers a variety of cottage options from private islands, to water access properties, and spectacular drive-to properties.  Visit our Blog for more information on these options.

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