Life is very busy, hectic and stressful and I want a cottage escape. I want a cottage lifestyle that is calming; a place of quiet solitude, away from neighbours and the demands of the world. I want a peaceful, tranquil cottage escape where I can recharge, reflect and organize my thoughts -a place where I can go to be restored and refreshed.

I envision my cottage escape as a place where my days are spent reading a book on the deck overlooking the lake with the calming sounds of wildnerness and nature surrounding me. I listen to the sound of the waves gently lapping up against the natural shoreline while the sun beams down from above. Later in the day, I slip into my kayak and gently paddle along the waters edge, enjoying the abundance of wildlife and marvelling at the natural beauty of the area. I am alone with my thoughts and am rejuvenated through my connection with nature. I arrive back in time to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine on my dock as the sun sets across the western sky.

My cottage escape is my refuse place and is reflective of my financial means, the environment I wish to experience, and the degree of solitude and exclusivity I would like to enjoy. My cottage may be on a small-medium sized lake that does not have motorized boats, or perhaps out in the islands of Georgian Bay where there is ultimate privacy and exclusivity.

The cottage escape lifestyle has traditionally been associated with these:
unique, modest, comfortable, simple, solitude, tranquility, remote, private, exclusive, beautiful surroundings, larger lot, western exposure, seasonal or year round.

Hiking & Trail System

The Parry Sound district is known for its endless hiking trails.  There are several provincial parks and conservation reserves in the Parry Sound area, where one can connect with the natural beauty and wildlife that is unique to this area.

There is much evidence to support the importance of escaping into nature for one’s well-being.  Spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety levels, boosts the body’s immune system, and helps to control the health of both the body and mind. Understanding this very important connection, many cottagers who escape to their private retreat cottage also concern themselves with environmental and biological initiatives.  Becoming committed to environmental care-taking initiatives is one way that the escape cottage lifestyle is protected and the legacy is honoured and respected.  Here are some organizations that are of interest to many who are environmentally conscious:

The healing qualities of cottage country has been enjoyed by generations and today, escaping to the cottage continues to be a favourite pastime of many folks from our large cities.  In his 1925 memoir, the Cleveland newspaper publisher Charles E. Kennedy called this area the ideal vacation spot for the exhausted and nerve-racked.  For generations, people have enjoyed complete freedom from the cares and worries of the world by escaping to their cottage.

Perhaps a smaller lake with a calmer atmosphere and less boating activities may be just the right place for you to escape.  This cottage lifestyle may also conjure ideas of a modest cottage with amenities and/or a cottage that has low maintenance.

The Parry Sound district offers many cottage lifestyle options for those who wish to escape to a cottage retreat.  The town of Parry Sound is located on the shores of Georgian Bay, and has a rich history, an inviting culture and sports and recreational facilities to meet every cottager’s wants and needs.  Whether you are cottaging on one of the many beautiful fresh water lakes in the Parry Sound district or on the shores or in the islands of Georgian Bay, Parry Sound offers an ideal balance of quality amenities alongside cottage lifestyle options for escaping into the natural beauty of the area.

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