Planning & planing your boxes

This is the fun part! It is helpful to consider the kinds of vegetables and herbs that will be the most suitable for your box garden (i.e. sun exposure, harsh weather elements, depth of boxes, size of boxes, access to water), and of course the kinds of veggies that you most enjoy.  There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding seasonal crops, when to plant and what to plant, so take some time to do some research.  And, don’t forget to consider how you are going to protect your crop (check some of our ideas below).

Once you have chosen the crops that you wish to plant, consider how you will plant them.  Think about your sun and wind exposure as this will help you to plan your garden. Make sure that you plant taller plants (i.e. tomatoes) strategically so that they do not overshadow other plants, or use these to protect plants like lettuce that need increased shade.  Also, consider if you want to plant your crops in clusters or in rows. Or, try a bit of both and see what works best for you!

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