It’s easy to just call your cottage or auto broker and add your boat and they are likely going to offer you a discounted rate for a bundle. But if a mishap occurs, are you covered? It is the benefits – the coverage that truly matters when you hit a rock or a shoal on Georgian Bay. It is the availability of speaking with a knowledgeable and informed person when you make a claim. The fact is, that boat insurance represents less than 1% of the insurance world in Ontario, so doesn’t it make sense to trust your boat to people who focus on boats – like yours – in every conversation they have? Here’s a few benefits to look for:

Agreed Value
Will your claim be paid based on the boat’s age or the value you and your broker agree upon? Specialized marine policies provide agreed value coverage, meaning zero depreciation in the event of partial or total loss until she is 15 years of age. If your boat is older and you still want this benefit, a current positive survey result can add this benefit back.

Do I Need a Survey?
If your boat is under 30 feet and has a value lower than $30,000  – with a specialized provider like MD Marine you won’t ever need a survey. Simply snap some pics on your smart phone and send them over. That’s it. Done!

Vermin Protection
Have you ever seen what a family of racoons can do to the interior of a boat? We have, and all too often we are told that the client had zero coverage on their home policy.  Talk to a marine specialist and they will ensure you are covered against critter situations.

Emergency Towing Service
It happens – the battery won’t fire the engine, and the fuel tank is magically empty. A built-in emergency towing service is always there to help, getting you and your family safely back to shore with up to $5,000 in coverage. Even better, this is a service and not a claim so using this service has no effect on next year’s premium.

Theft at Your Dock
You locked the boat to the dock before you left the cottage ….right? Under most cottage policies, if you cannot prove that you locked up the boat / disabled the trailer, then you are not covered in the event of a theft. And everybody locks their boats to the dock every time they leave the cottage…right? There are zero theft exclusions with MD Marine. Simple!

We get it! The bill we all enjoy paying the least is our insurance bill. Imagine if you could get all this great coverage at even lower rates than your cottage provider.  You can with MD Marine.  It is certainly worth giving us a call to see how we can be there for you and your family this cottage season.

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