New - feature viewWe understand the attention and experience that selling a cottage needs. We also understand that many people have questions about how to sell a cottage, because it is often the first time that they have had to do so.  Gary works closely with his clients to assist them through the selling process and Karen works behind the scenes to support this process.

When selling your cottage, it is important to remember that potential buyers do not have the emotional connection to your cottage property that you do. Potential buyers will see your property through a very different lense. This makes it important to prepare your cottage so that all of the best qualities are highlighted and your personal affects are not a focal point. It is very helpful if you can create the conditions for buyers to see what you did in your cottage property!

Here are some of the things you can do to prepare your cottage for sale:FL7

  1. Declutter the inside of your cottage. Remove and/or put away things like knickknacks, extra furniture,    storage boxes, equipment, counter appliances, pictures and magnets on the fridge, old floor mats and blankets, shoes, boots, and coats. Remember to declutter areas like clothes closets, linen closets, laundry rooms and storage area.
  2. Take some time to really clean your cottage: corners, doors, windows, door frames, window frames, under the beds, area rugs, the bathrooms, walls, floors, closets, kitchen cupboards, furniture pillows and cushions.
  3. Complete any repairs that need to be done inside. This may include replacing and repairing broken fixtures, light bulbs, appliances, screens, windows, window screens, and the such.
  4. Clean up the yard and remove any old boats, equipment and debris that is on the property.
  5. Clean up wood debris in the yard including old wood piles, rotting wood, and building supplies. If you have a forested area, take some time to clean it up around the cottage.
  6. Inspect the trees around your cottage and if there are diseased or dead trees close to your cottage, have them taken down. If there is a large tree(s) leaning toward your cottage, seriously consider calling in a professional to take down the tree(s).
  7. Clean up your deck areas, docking areas and under your cottage.
  8. Clean up your beach area by removing any debris, cutting grass, removing old sticks and weeds. Take some time to rake your beach so that it is inviting to potential buyers.
  9. Stage your cottage for showings. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to us. We can help!

There are many nuances to selling a cottage in the Parry Sound district,  and specifically how to sell a cottage in the different cottage country neighbourhoods. If you have questions about how to sell your cottage, we can help.

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