charred wood 6Properties in cottage country are beautiful,
so why not express this beauty through charred wood? The Kindl approach to charred wood processing allows property owners to achieve a truly unique and recognizably different vision for a custom project – indoors & out! South Parry Lumber owns and operates a Saw Mill in Parry Sound where their wood species are processed from Timber to Finish. They specialize in assisting people to form their bespoke construction project, while keeping costing competitive through vertical integration.

Charred Wood (Shou Sugi Ban)
The art of charred wood, known as “shou sugi ban” is an ancient Japanese technique that was inventedcharred wood 3 centuries ago. The technique was used to preserve cedar making the wood less susceptible to fire, pests, and rot. The surface of the wood is burned to varying degrees of char and can be left completely untouched, can be lightly or heavily brushed, or sealed with a clear coat or stain. This time tested process uses natural techniques from firing the wood, cleaning it and finishing it for the finished project. The end result is an exceptional custom look that is rot, pest, weather, UV, and fire resistant – aesthetically unique, striking and beautiful!

Why The Kindl Team?
Charred wood 1The Kindl Team has been working in the lumber and woodworking industry for over 20 years. They strive to provide exceptional service and partner with their customers to achieve a truly unique vision for each custom project. Their bespoke process starts with an on-site consultation (within an hour of the mill), followed by a discussion geared to unpack your needs and formulate a specific framework for your project. Samples are created and shared with the customer to determine the ideal product for the application.

The Process
Charred wood 2 Once the species of wood (which can come from your own property, if desired), level of char, finishing, staining and overall aesthetic has been chosen, The Kindl Team will begin the process at their Mill. Using best practices for the environment and forestry industry, handcrafted knives, and custom built equipment, the team creates an “evenly charred” product. This team is
dedicated to meeting and exceeding quality standards, ensuring very little wasted wood and an exceptional end product.

Applications & Benefits               
Exterior Siding

Durable – high rot & fire resistance
Natural – a natural pest deterrent
Unique – a memorable surface finish










Cedar-dark char, Cedar-charred & brushed

Douglas fir-light char, Douglas fir- charred & brushed

Hickory – dark char, Cedar – gator skin


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