What is an archipelago, you ask? The Oxford Dictionary defines an Archipelago as “an extensive group of islands,” or “A sea or stretch of water having many islands” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/archipelago). Together, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay make up the longest stretch of freshwater coast in the world. Georgian Bay is a 13,000 square km water basin in eastern Lake Huron and is home to over 30,000 islands.

The more than thirty thousand islands along the eastern Georgian Bay coast form the largest freshwater archipelago in the world., an archipelago designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (http://www.gblt.org).

Georgian Bay is known for its extreme beauty and majestic scenery, but it is also a rich and diverse biosphere. The Archipelago hosts landscapes that are breathtaking and rough, and is loved for its organic terrain and waters that are beautiful and extreme. The area is also home to the largest diversity of reptile and amphibian species in Canada. It is home to the Massassauge Rattle Snake, Eastern Fox Snake, Eastern Hognose Snake, the Spotted Turtle and Ontario’s only lizard, the Five Lined Skink. The Archipelago also supports much unique flora and many rare and uncommon animals that thrive in this area.

Those who choose to cottage on Georgian Bay and on the gorgeous private islands experience the unique opportunity to co-exist with the biodiversity of the archipelago.  It is both a privilege and a responsibility, in our opinion.   The reptiles, amphibians, flora and unique animals that live in the area are of vital importance and it is important that we are stewards of this magical place.  Preserving the natural state of the Archipelago means that the incredible species that live here will remain for generations to come.


Eastern Hognose SnakeMassassauga RattlesnakeSpotted TurtleFive Lined Skink

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