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We’ve always understood the benefits of owning a cottage and enjoying a cottage lifestyle. As young professionals we chose to purchase our first cottage near Honey Harbour, Georgian Bay. Having grown up cottaging, we both knew first-hand the integral benefits of this lifestyle choice. Yes, there is always “more work” to do at the cottage, and it is certainly a privilege to own a cottage as it is a “want,” not a “need,” but we always felt that it was important for us and our children. Somehow, working at the cottage never feels the same as working around home!

Our cottage lifestyle started out very modestly and we, like many others spent our work weeks planning for and looking forward to the Friday drive up Hwy 400 to the cottage. It was hectic, it was busy, and it was often a challenge to get up to our boat access cottage on Georgian Bay, but is was ALWAYS worth it! Once we arrived, the stress of the work week would fall away, our children’s excitement to be at the cottage would take over and our evenings would often result in us sitting around the campfire in our P.J.’s, wrapped in cozy blankets, hot chocolate in hand (or a delicious glass of our favourite vino), marsh mellows roasting, and a feeling of total contentment as our children shared stories of their week at school and their adventurous requests for the next day’s fun. It was a place where we could escape and relax as a family.

The cottage is where we were grounded. It is where we always connected after our long and hectic week, it is where we had fun and our best selves emerged. And though it is difficult to truly describe in words, the cottage is where our family connected authentically, bonded to one another deeply and developed a strong and everlasting love for nature and the beauty of Georgian Bay.

We have since moved on from our first very modest, traditional cottage to a our beloved property on Woods Bay, Georgian Bay. As our family grew and expanded, so did our needs and wants for a cottage experience. Today, we continue to enjoy a traditional cottage experience in many ways with our family, however we also love adventure and socializing with our cottage community. We care deeply about our cottage community and are committed to community development and building initiatives in our neighbourhood. One of our favourite contributions is the Woods Bay Lodge Summer Concert Series. Community members are invited to participate in a night of gourmet food and live music at the Phillips’s beloved Woods Bay Lodge. To date, the Woods Bay Summer Concert Series has enjoyed the talent of:

We genuinely understand that cottages are where families and friends build many of their dearest and most heartfelt memories! Life is short and we believe that cottaging is an incredible way to build bonds and memories that last for generations. The cottage lifestyle, truly cannot be replaced!

Karen & Gary genuinely understand that cottages are where families and friends build many of their dearest and most heartfelt memories!

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