The Municipality of Whitestone within the Parry Sound district is loved by the folks who live and cottage in the area.  One of the themes shared by the residents is the quality of lifestyle and the sense of community that is shared.  They describe a lifestyle that is “slowed down,” that has a sense of being connected with nature and to each other; a place where people know their neighbours and share in a common experience of community.  The Whitestone area is dotted with picturesque properties, clean and healthy lakes, and a multitude of opportunities for people to engage in the outdoor recreational sports.  The fishing is abundant and the lakes are ideal for families and friends to enjoy swimming, kayaking, paddling, boating, skiing, wake boarding, and canoeing.

Residents who have moved up from the city describe a lifestyle that is affordable and very rich indeed. Real estate is reasonable and people can purchase properties with some land and lovely homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars, not millions as in the Muskoka area.  This goes for cottage properties as well.  There are beautiful cottages on the inland lakes that are reasonably priced and offer a variety of cottage lifestyles!

Check out this video produced by the Municipality of Whitestone.

Consider the Whitestone area for your next cottage!

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