Planned Well Means Built Well

Part 2 of our “Buying a Lot & Building Series”


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Now that you’ve found your lot, the process of choosing your building plans begins. There are many decisions to be made before building begins and when it comes right down to it, the realities of building may seem overwhelming. For this reason and many others, choosing the right builder to work with is essential.

Begin by understanding your lot.  Become well informed about details such as the required set backs, municipal by laws, easements, right of ways, covenants, as well as the soil, waterfront conditions and topography of the land. Your Realtor is a great resource for this. These factors, although seriously considered prior to your purchase, really do become front and centre once the building process begins.  Simply put, a narrow lot may require a narrow home or perhaps a modest cottage, where to build on the lot to maximize exposure is significant, if and where to drill a well and where to place a septic system need to be considered fully, and a waterfront lot needs to comply with additional environmental, township and MNR regulations.

FL7In cottage country, good custom builders are often booked several months or years in advance, making today’s factory built homes and cottages a viable option given that they can typically be built within months. This provides the consumer with a timely and affordable alternative to traditional custom builds. Modular builders streamline the building process in a way that reduces the potential complexities and challenges of a traditional custom build.  Homes and cottages are built in controlled conditions, reducing unexpected delays due to unpredictable weather, cost overruns or labour challenges.  With a modular builder, a factory tour will give you a good idea of their specific building process, the quality of materials and construction, and also give you a chance to meet the team. If possible, ask your builder to come and take a look at the lot before finalizing your plan. An experienced builder should be able to give you a better perspective of how your driveway, hydro, well and septic will be best placed on your lot.

A prudent step at this stage would be to speak with your financial advisor or banker to finalize your building budget.  Knowing what you can spend is essential as it will help define the needs and wants in your building project.

Brochures and sample floor plans will assist you in determining the feel for what you like and want for yourNorland build. Whether you choose a standard plan, modify a plan or use a custom plan, your builder should be able to assist you.  You will also want to consider your lifestyle and your “age & stage” of life. For example, is this your final build or will there be another home or cottage in the future? If this is a retirement home, do you want stairs or do you want everything on one level? How will you spend your time in your new home or cottage? What type of finishes are you wanting?

Making all of the decisions related to the interior and exterior finishings can be both exciting and overwhelming, and having professionals available to walk you through the process of choosing colours, cabinetry, floor covering, lighting, etc., is extremely helpful. Choosing a modular builder with an on-site décor centre provides you with exceptional finishing choices and helps to streamline the decision making process, ensuring that your home will be completed on time and on budget. Divide your wants and your needs, consider style and function, and what will work for your desired lifestyle? While we can’t plan for every future possibility, some choices such as wider door frames, a walk-in shower, lower light switches and higher electrical outlets are more easily designed into a new home or cottage than they are retrofitted.

image001And finally, be sure to ask about your builder’s “Change Order Policy,” and don’t sign off on your plans until you are fully satisfied that your requests have been thoughtfully considered. Do your research so that you get what you want and have a conversation with a team like the one at Quality Homes. They can make your home or cottage all that you have imagined!

Quality Homes
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Quality Homes

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