IMG_3962IMG_3930Summer is the time when we hang out at the cottage and engage in the fun activities that we look forward to all year long. We bask in the sun, hang out on the dock, swim, fish, go skiing, wake boarding and tubing. We explore. We play. We seek adventure. We have FUN and enjoy these times with family and friends.  We plan our days around the weather and extend our days as long as we can, often ending with the tradition of a camp fire under the stars. And then, we do it all over again.  There just isn’t anything better than summer at the cottage.  I really think that it is where we are our best selves.  It’s the place where we let our hair down, we chill out, and we leave the challenges and burdens of day-to-day life behind.

IMG_3809However, I firmly believe that in order for us to enjoy our cottage lifestyles to the fullest, we must also be prepared for challenges, accidents and unexpected events that may occur. Be sure that you have these items on-hand and accessible so that you can enjoy the cottage knowing that you are fully prepared to handle what may happen:

1. First Aid Kit – be sure to check it in the spring and update outdated items/replace items

2. Flash Light – replace the batteries and be sure that they are accessible. We like to leave a
flashlight by the doors.

3. Alarms – replace the batteries and test each of them

4. Fire Extinguishers – have a few nearby, check the dates to ensure that they are still

5. Hook up your water hose – in case of fire, it is one of your best defence

6. Log onto your insurance company’s website and review their information

7. Have a pain reliever and antihistamine on the premises

8. Remove clutter

9. Replace old appliances

10. Know who to call in case of emergency.  Be sure to know your 911 number, GPS location and
write out a description of your location and have it in a visible location. When there is an
emergency, people will often panic and forget important information.  Having your location
visible & accessible is very helpful!


Your cottage location:  911 Number ____________ GPS Location _________________

Description of your location: ________________________________________________

Canadian Coast Guard (Parry Sound Base) 705-746-2196

Canadian Mental Health Association (Muskoka/Parry Sound)705-645-2262

Crime Stoppers 800-222-8477

Hydro One Power Outage 800-434-1235

Kids Help Phone 800-668-6888

Marine & Air Search and Rescue 800-267-7270

Mental Health Helpline 866-531-2600

MNR Bear Hotline 866-514-2327

MNR Enforcement Supervisor – Parry Sound District 705-773-4200

MNR Forest Fire Emergency 705-564-6056

MNR Information Centre 800-667-1940

MNR Report Resource Abuse 877-847-7667

OPP 888-310-1122

OPP Emergency 911

Ontario SPCA 705-746-9291

Parry Sound Animal Hospital (24 Hr Emergency Service) 705-746-5271

Parry Sound Emergency Medical Services 705-746-8440

Poison Information Centre 800-268-9017

Telehealth Ontario 866-797-0000

West Parry Sound Health Centre (Hospital) 705-746-9321

Local marina: ____________________________ _____________

Neighbour: ____________________________ _____________

Neighbour: ____________________________ _____________


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