When the only way to trick or treat is by boat, that is exactly what happens! Most of us have experience with Halloween festivities that take place when little ghosts, goblins, princesses an action figures turn up at our door anticipating a generous bounty of candy. Some of us have even experienced this in rural communities where kids are carefully transported from farm to farm, or to and from larger country properties. Gary and I have had the pleasure of experiencing both scenarios. However, last night was the first time we experienced a boat load of super heroes, disney figures, little dragons and witches land at our dock to trick or treat! Yes, our dock! Eleven kids were transported to our dock and enthusiastically made their way up to our cottage to collect treats. It was really awesome and even inspired Gary and I to engage in the fun of the Halloween spirit for the first time in many years!


As we have come to understand, cottage country living is multifaceted, and community finds its way to exist in ways that we would never have considered. Our “hats are off” to the parents who created a unique Halloween experience for the kids in our cottage neighbourhood. We had a blast! And, pretty sure the kids did too 🙂


Kids Trick or Treating – Water Access



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